Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dresden, Day 2.

Visited the Protestant Frauenkirche today. It is that church that got squashed to the ground by a direct hit bomb during the (infamous) RAF raids towards the end of WWII. The reconstruction of the church has just recently been completed using some of the original bricks as I tell you about in the movie I took yesterday, and looks very beautiful from the outside.

Now, judging from the amazingly long lines the visitor must submit himself to prior to visiting the interior (longer than any I've ever seen to visit any church, including St. Peter's), one would think that it had to be amazing inside.

And sure, it is quite beautiful, being brand new, but as it is kind of re-built and a Protestant church at that (which tend to be known for avoiding excessive ornamentation) it wasn't all that much prettier than any other Cathedral in any other big city.

I guess my point is: the interior, I don't think, justifies the long lines, and the extraordinarily obnoxious behavior (i.e. pushing, stepping on people's toes, etc) of the crowds inside. {shrug}

Anyway, so. Tomorrow: should I go the 150 kms to Prague on the Bundestrasse 170, or take the Elbe Radweg for 201 kms instead?

What do you think?

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