Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dresden, Day 1.

So. Dresden is divided into two sections, the Altstadt (old part of town), like most European cities, and the Neustadt, across the river from the old part of town. I'm staying in the Neustadt and it is pretty nice: its streets have lots of shops, pubs, ethnic restaurants (can you imagine? Cuban and African restaurant here in Germany! What a welcome surprise that was!) and bazaars, that give it a rather warm, "bohemian" feel, not very unlike the Haight and Ashbury over in San Francisco. Probably because there are a lot of immigrants in this part of town.

Anyway, today was errand day. Bought a map of the Czech Republic, watched a movie, and went a-hunting for a place to get my hair cut. It has been 4 months since my last haircut and things are getting unruly (ponytails every day can be so...boring!). And, it HAS to be done here, in Dresden. It just HAS to.


Try explaining: "Take four centimeters all around, front bangs to just below the chin and fading to length, slightly layered on the back" in Czech.


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