Saturday, August 26, 2006

Brno, Day 1.

What was my delight and surprise this morning when I stepped out of the Hostel to walk right into some kind of streetside folk music and dance festival. 'Twas fantastic! Basically these groups of kids aged 10-18 do a couple of dances at one of the main downtown street corners and then head off to the next corner, while at the corner they were previously at another group quickly comes to take its place, and they bring their own musicians (kids, too, same age) playing violins, contrabass, flutes, and singing.

And how colorful the dances are! Playful, happy, flirtatioius, tender, romantic, and cheerful like all peasant dances are.

The music and its harmonies are interesting. When I got a Polish folk music CD years ago I thought it was unlistenable. But seeing this music ("seeing", ha ha, but it is true!) in the context of the dances, that perception really changes, and you can ever start to see the feeling behind the melody (see the green "gypsylike" movie where it seems to be about someone getting married, perhaps? Look at how the man looks at the girl, what a tender look! Would make any girl melt! {sigh!}).

What a lucky day. :)

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