Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vienna, Day 6.

I had liked Vienna so much from the first minute I saw it, that, having arrived on Wednesday evening, by Thursday morning I had already thought: "Man, I ought to get me a job and move here!", and by that same evening I was already submitting resumes to some DSP-type jobs I saw on the web.

By Friday, I had incredibly luckily already received a reply, and so as it happens today I ended up interviewing on-site at one very promising small engineering company.

So spent most of the day doing that (and waiting for today is part of the reason why I had been prolonging my stay in the city for so long over the past two days), and then in the afternoon I ran the errands preparatory to the continuation of my trip: buying cycling maps at the Freytag-Berndt, for instance.

I've decided I'm taking the Danube Radweg all the way to Budapest. First of all, because cycling by the rivers is pretty, secondly, because this radweg goes exactly through Bratislava, and thirdly, because as it happens Esterbauer publishes the most beautiful maps of these kinds of radwegs in their cycline line (in English, too!). These little booklets are fairly cheap (only something like 12 Euros), and include not just maps but path descriptions with variants, sights with historic blurbs, photos, recommendations on places to stay, and places for eating and bike fixing. They are fantastic, and their Donauradweg, Teil 3 covers precisely my next stretch of road from Vienna all the way to Budapest (about 350 kms).

Anyway, so what did I do for my last night in Vienna?

I had a delicious, very buttery vitello tonnato at a nice restaurant with piano bar in the old city center. It was very turn of the century, nostalgic, romantic evening, appropriate for such a pretty, full of traditions city.

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