Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oradea-Huedin-Cluj Napoca.

Trip dist: 158 kms. Trip time: 9 hrs, 6 mins. Tot dist: 6,378 kms.

Wow, what a beautiful, beautiful ride! It was all pretty flat and boring for the first 40 kms or so (I guess I still was catching the end of the Hungarian puszta), but then....the Carpathians started.

Yup, and then there was a lot of uphilly-downhilly that in reality was not uphilly but upmountainy-downmountainy, so it was very..."fun".

Still, a small descent into Huedin (after a very tough ascent ;P) revealed such beautiful, bucolic landscapes, exactly like those 18th and 19th century romantic paintings, complete with haystacks and all.

Were I to recommend some bike rides through Romania, this most definitely would be one of them. It was tough, so one might shorten it, and start closer to Huedin, but oh, how wonderful the views, a well-deserved reward for the effort of the day!

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