Thursday, September 07, 2006


Strolled over to the Hrad (castle) today. The building itself was not too exciting nor were most of the museum's exhibits housed in there, except one of them, which was dedicated to the fujare (fujara in English), which is a kind of long wooden flute that sounds at times a bit like a French horn and a bit like a baroque flute at others, and produces scales in the Myxolidian mode. It sounds pretty cool, actually. Would be nice to see if anyone has written a concerto for it, or it would be cool to write one (Ian, get cracking! ;)).

Anyway, Slovak folk music sounds a little bit like that Polish CD I bought that I told you about just a couple of posts ago.

But I think it is kind of cool that these folk traditions are still kept alive (like at that folk festival in Brno), in spite of all the modernization going on in Europe.


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