Friday, September 01, 2006

Vienna, Day 2.

Aaah, Vienna. Stunningly beautiful, pristine clean.

Hung out at the downtown for a bit for a taste of classical Vienna with tea and a cake for breakfast in the morning, then strolled over to Castle Schönbrunn, which is what makes Vienna a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vienna is so clean and pretty, even the poorer areas look beautiful. Nothing is rundown, repairs to building façades are done immediately, public lawns are impeccably manicured, there is not a single cigarette butt on the sidewalks and streets, and there is no graffitti (or the very, very little there is blends impeccably with the city decor, such that it looks artistic, even, as if it belonged there, or was put in intentionally. You don't believe me? Take a look here).

Anyway, a cool thing about the Scönbrunn Castle exhibit is that they have stuff written in Braille and things you can touch, like sections of Ananas/Court damask which was put on the tapestries, or little pieces of wood panellings and wall stucco decor, which you can touch as much as you like. Cool, huh?

Then at the end if you stroll around a bit in the gardens they have little entertaining labyrinth gardens and finger labyrinths the movies of which you can see for instance here.

And to see the kinds of unusually talented street performers that gather in the main square of downtown Vienna after dusk, you can take a look for instance here.

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