Sunday, June 18, 2006

Montpellier, Day 2.

Hmm...I think the summer heat is turning me into a lazy-bum. I could've headed for Orange today. Decided to stay here and do some window-shop since yesterday I returned from the beach when everything was already closed.

Unfortunately today either because it is Sunday or because it is Father's Day (Happy Father's day, Babbo!) everything is closed, including most restaurants, internet cafes, you name it. The city is sleeping, there are no people on the streets. I should've chosen today for beach day, but I no longer feel like trekking down to the coast (it is a bit of a bus ride plus some long walking). Even the mall is closed, which is a great pity because they seemed to have a very enticing bookstore spanning at least two floor levels that I wanted to look into. So I guess it is internet catchup day/offload pics to website day/go to movies day. I'll be catching the latest release of American-made "Marie Antoinette" (seems vaguely appropriate, I guess) with Kristen Dunst. I'll let you know if I think it is any good.

7:15 p.m.

Hmmm...well, the movie kinda sucked but I had to return here to tell you about this super delicious ice-cream I had afterwards of exotic (no, not quite proper, I meant to say, "glamorous", I think...may be more appropriate) flavorings: one scoop lavender, one scoop honey. Ooooh, yummy yum yum!!!!

Don't you wish you could have some?

I do. Would be nice to hang out here with an old friend or two. Miss you, sometimes, you know.

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