Thursday, June 29, 2006


Trip dist: 136 kms. Trip time: 8 hrs, 3 min. Tot dist: 3135 kms.

Interactive Blog Post #2.

Wow. The Bourgogne region is pretty! Among other things I passed by several Teletubby-like fields with lots of hay packs, which reminded me, of all things, of this little demo game that comes bundled in for illustrative purposes with the Catapult Game Boy Advance Software Development Platform (if you've ever wanted to write your own Nintendo GameBoy game/app without dealing with nitty gritty sprite-writing in C, this is a pretty neat way to do it, and it is free!). Yeah, funny huh? Even funnier if you consider that the demo game in question involves a little cartoonlike cow sprite having to jump over round bales of hay (just like the picture) that fall randomly (just like the picture) onto a green field (like the picture) from the sky (like picture!), well, then, there you go. {shrug}

Anyway, guess what? In the interests of bettering my French combined with some boring riding sections I even came up with a little poem, that maximally utilizes my extensive 50 known-word French vocabulary! Check it out:

Ah, Pierre, mon cheri Pierre,
Tu as le coeur q'est fait du verre....

Cool, huh?, that's it. I told you I only know 2 verbs (don't worry, I won't quit my day job, promise. Oh, wait...nevermind. I already did! Ha ha!). But I think French is a most ideal language for poetry: since the last letters are never pronounced, a lot more words rhyme and there are a lot more homophones than most other languages, I think.

So, why is this interactive blog post #2, can you guess? Because, Francophones, here is your chance to become famous! Add a verse or two to the beginning of the poem above in the comments section of this post, and contribute to the creation of the first ever "Elisa can't write in French so we write her poem for her" sestina / limerick / sonnet / whateveritcomesoutlike! There are only two rules:

1. For those whose light bulb is a bit on the dim side, the rhyming scheme is aa bb, etc.

2. Contributions not to exceed two verses in a row. That is, you must wait until another poster has posted at least one verse before you can post again, at which point you may post up to two more verses before your next contribution (though I recommend each poster post only 1 verse. That way it becomes a bit more unpredictable and fun...).

Ready, then? Complete the stanza/poem:

Ah, Pierre, mon cheri Pierre,
Tu as le coeur q'est fait du verre,

Go "wiled". ;P


Anonymous said...

légère, l'air effet serre, tu me devoir au revoir

Elisa said...

l'indifference: une chain du fer, la nuit est longue et noire.

Anonymous said...

et tout les jours j'attend
que tu m'aime et me comprend.

ti piace?

Anonymous said...

...le verre de vin que j'ai bu/en penseant à toi au crépuscule.

Elisa said...

Ha ha. Nice to see there are so many Francophones here (I didn't know so many people even read this blog)! But how is it, that with this poem by now it seems that any rhyme, meter, and reason seem to have gone out the window? ;P