Friday, June 09, 2006

Barcelona, Day 6.

Today was a catchup day. Mieko and Dorothee left two days ago (though it is probable I may yet see Dorothee in Paris), and the rushed sight-seeing and Gaudí overdose of the last couple of days made me rather tired. So I declared it a holiday and went to the beach (hey, gotta round off that ridiculous-looking bicyclist tan!), where I did some celebrity spotting: I think I saw Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal near the beaches of the Olympic Village, strolling around and glancing at me (which is the reason I first noticed him in the first place) while looking for two friends he eventually left with. Yes, my friends, like all actors, he's shorter in real life. Heh heh.

Not much else to report for today. Went to movies. Saw "The DaVinci Code". It is as bad as the book, so I recommend you skip it.

Tomorrow: Easy ride to Girona, training base of seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and cyclist Mecca.

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