Saturday, July 29, 2006


Day-tripped to visit the famous Würzburg Residence (UNESCO World Heritage Site!), which is like most palaces in Europe, but what made this one kind of cool was its super high ceilings and multitudinous windows immersing the interior in light and spaciousness (and probably also giving it some nice acoustics to boot). Unfortunately, one is not allowed to take pictures inside, for I'd show you otherwise (in the meantime pictures of the outside will have to suffice).

The Würzburg residence was designed by architect Balthasar Neumann for the Prince Bishops and the very first thing that hits you as you ascend the beautiful staircase (I took the picture before I found out they weren't allowed, in my defense) is the huge fresco by Tiepolo, which is supposed to be the biggest one in Europe, in terms of surface area. Neat, huh?

Inside, it is very tastefully decorated, very clean and shiny (much of the Würzburg residence was damaged during the War, and restoration is still going on to date), and some of the rooms are decorated in a really cool pale mint with silver stuccoes, which looks rather nice. It (the room whose pic I just showed you in particular) reminded me a bit of my grandmother's home in Mexico City, for some reason. Could be because she used to have chairs in the same Louis IV style and color, I think.

Given how much of it was destroyed in the war, however (quite a bit), I rather wondered who funded the restoration....

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