Thursday, July 20, 2006


Oh boy, the weather was as hot as a skimpy-clothed supermodel today. It was an effort just to move. So I didn't really do much today, I'm afraid.

Ran some errands.

Did laundry.

Saw the impressive Köln Cathedral, which as you can see from the pictures is jaw-droppingly beautiful. I think I've never seen something so neat before (and believe me by now I've seen my share of famous cathedrals), and I think this cathedral rivals, in my opinion, even St. Peter's in Rome (not in size, of course, but in beauty). What makes things even cooler about this cathedral is that, not only is it in the Gothic style, which gives it an imposing, mysterious, and intimidating feel, even (kind of cool for effect, given it is a Catholic Church building!), but the fact that they haven't really bothered to clean it up and it looks dark from the (what I think must be) smog stains gives it a very eerie "Gotham City" feel. I just love walking by the Domplatz of Köln at night.

I won't give you a blurb about the Cathedral this time. You can take a look for yourself here (but be sure to click on the picture above for a video of the Domplatz at dusktime taken yesterday by yours truly).

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