Monday, July 10, 2006


Visited Chartres Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and its 176 12th-century stained glass windows (only the Cathedral at León had comparably as many). The huge cathedral dominates the sight as you approach from the train station (Chartres is a very pretty little town, by the way, and I theorize the reason for this is that it has lots of flowers), and it was a nice restful sojourn at the pews near the altar as I escaped the heat and rested from the morning´s visit to Fontainebleau.

I liked Fontainebleau much better than Versailles. It is a bit more "modern" in style (it was the palace of Napoleon III so the decor is brought up to 1800´s style in contrast with Versailles), but most importantly, it only has about 1/50th of the tourists.

And that, my friends, is why it is good to go to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites! They´re very pretty, and without the crowds.

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