Monday, May 15, 2006


Trip dist: 66 kms. Trip time: 4 hrs, 44 mins. Tot dist: 1278 kms.

Aaah, the beauty of the central plains of Spain! Whenever people say that they are barren, I have no idea what the heck they're talking about. It is green wheat fields everywhere, poppies dotting the bright verdure, sometimes also punctuated by touches of yellow and lavender, and the smell of chamomille (heh, some parts of it, even, looks a bit like the land of the Teletubbies).

Anyway, arrived in Salamanca in the afternoon (short ride owing to the plains), looking very much forward to it, because being founded in 1218, after the University of Bologna, University of Paris, and Oxford, its University is one of the four oldest ones in the world, and a very renowned University it is. The student-city ambiance of Salamanca, reminiscent of my old days in Boston, hits you immediately, it is vibrant and young, and as soon as I neared the old downtown quarter, the first thing I thought was: "Wow! There are some very good-looking people here!" (and by people, of course, I mean guys. ;)).

Anyway, spent the afternoon leisurely strolling near the Plaza Mayor, enjoying some locally-produced chocolates, and hanging out relaxedly; when you're no longer moving at 20 kms an hour on two wheels, the windless heat makes itself felt, and there's nothing better in this weather, than people-watching while enjoying a lemon tea-flavored popsicle.

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