Thursday, May 18, 2006


Rules of bon vivre: The best time to walk past the bakeries is early in the morning, when the ovens turn on and the smell of cookies and pastries wafts along the old city alleyways.

In Ávila, they have these very nice cookies called fileteadas. It is unfortunate that the best I can do is show you a picture. If only smell and taste could be recorded....

Anyway, today I met up with Fernando, fellow cyclist I told you about before, whom I literally crossed paths with on my way to Lugo (he was coming down one way, I another, we met at the intersection, out of a vastness of possibilities coincided at the same point in time and space in a mere improbability of chance...funny how these things work, huh? ;)), in Segovia, where he works, for a nice meal and some aqueduct sightseeing, but not before walking along the 1024 meters of medieval walls of Avila, which is basically what it is famous for, as I had some time to kill before catching the Segovia bus.

Other than hanging out by Segovia's city center, visiting the Alcázar and a witches´ museum, it was a rather relaxing day, except for the climb of 152 steps up the Alcázar tower, which I was rather surprised I felt a little bit excessively on my legs for someone my age, I thought. Ha ha. Fernando says that on bike trips like these tiredness only accumulates. And while being the first to point out to me (and he was right!) that my back bike tire needs replacing, I do hope he's mistaken about this one. I'm already behind schedule after puttering about all those days in northern Spain....

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