Thursday, April 20, 2006

Torres Vedras-Caldas da Rainha-Nazarè

Trip dist: 78 km. Trip time: 5 hrs 25 min. Tot dist:188 km.

Man, someone should invent some windshield-wipers for the eyes. Road to Nazarè was fairly flat, difficulty moderate, but it drizzly-rained for about two hours' worth of the ride, and for a while there I was as soaked as if I had taken a swim in the Atlantic.

Oh, by the way, I figured out something important. The rides lately have been cold and windy, so I ride with track pants and fleece sweater and windbreaker, so I'm all covered up, pretty much. This morning, in the shower with the warm water, I felt that the back of my hands, the only part left uncovered while riding, were sunburnt from the ride. So that's why people wear bike gloves! {shrug}

Decided to stop at Nazarè, and use it for base of operations for day trips to Batalha and Alcobaça (two UNESCO World Heritage sites within a 20 km radius) mainly for two reasons: 1. The Let's Go guide says that they have internet here, and 2. Who can resist the pull of the golden beaches and deep turquoise waters of the Atlantic?

Anyway, pics at the usual spot.

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