Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lisboa-Sintra. Trip distance: 36 km. Total distance: 36 km.

Well, made it to Sintra (linky to movie by clicking on picture above). Took a lot longer than expected, leaving Lisbon was a bit difficult since the easiest route to Sintra is on the IC 19, a freeway, where bikes are, of course, not allowed. It was amusing though (at least it was the first 7 or so times, after that...not so funny anymore), when most of the people I asked for directions, even when doing so from the bike, kept suggesting I take that route.

{shrug}Anyway, navigated mostly through inter-city and inter-town roads, namely, by way of Lisbon-Benfica-Amadora-Queluz-Cacém-Mem Martins-Sintra, not my favorite type of ride (too many people, through towns and traffic, extremely confusing turns and way too easy unintended exits onto IC 19).

And yes, it was uphill and mostly against the wind the whole way!! ;). (Lisbon is at sea level, Sintra is most definitely not--see pics!).

Found place to stay at Casa de Hòspedes D. Maria da Parreirinha, a very beautiful place, not too expensive (about 30 Euro/night), so charming, in fact, to consider a place to bring the boyfriend, quaint and pretty.

Tomorrow: sight-see Sintra and surroundings.

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