Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This is it. No turning back. The ratchet's been released, and the wheel, with unstoppable vertiginous inertia like a heavy stone rolling down a hill, starts turning.

Plane tickets: check.

Notice to vacate apartment delivered to landlord: Check check.

Furniture announced for sale on craigslist: check check check.

Quit job: {hesitates}

Quit job: {hesitates some more}

Quit job: Done. It was hard, took a week of procastinating, but the ides of March are always suitable for these kinds of things.


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p.s. I Love You said...

Holy Crap Elisa, I had no idea people did such things. I kinda thought it was just in novels or really boring films. I'm so excited for you but not jealous in the least. I have questions about how you'll do but I don't doubt that you will pull it off beautifully. And maybe if I'm quiet and patient you'll answer my questions down the road (so to speak).

I get kinda tickled thinking about you reading about my boring little life here South TX from the other side of the world.