Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Danes.

There are others. Contemporary to me, apart from Patrick, there are two Danes who are cycling the world. I seem to lately run into these folks everywhere in cyberspace, each of them crazier than the last, in terms of project ambitiousness. That's what's so cool about guys. They're so gung-ho about everything. Another one, Dave, British, I think, cycling Spain to Montenegro along the E4, and rumors of a young woman also solo cycling along France in June. And these are only the ones I know about.

The cool thing is, that knowing about these people lights up a little moving blinking dot on a map inside my head, a bit like in the movies, where you track the hero with a GPS system from headquarters, or the villains, or they that you want to find (rebels, always, legends or personages that make the movie interesting), and the dots blink and meander along the map, and maybe, who knows, two of the dots intersect at some point, do a little jump up and down, surprised, maybe a dialog bubble pops out from the dots, and it reads " ! " with a Nintendo-like sound effect of "bweep!", and the two dots recognize each other, and they have coffee together, and swap stories for a bit, exchange tips and tricks, and then continue merrily on their way.

And I laugh a bit at the image, because then that tells me one of two things that dispells all haze of doubt and fear and hesistation, and it is this:

1. That maybe, ditching your job and your life for a while to run around by bike for fun and wisdom is maybe not such a silly idea after all, or

2. If it is a silly, crazy idea, well then, at least I'm not the only nutcase in the neighborhood.

And the Earth then, this little lonely blue planet is then suddenly not really all that lonely after all, for what, with 6 billion people, you're bound to run into someone sometime, inevitably, and lo and behold, all of the sudden, then, everything changes, and the world feels like my living room.


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Nicolai Bangsgaard said...

Hi Elisa! Thanks a lot for the PM the other day. Maybe our roads WILL eventually meet some day - inchallah!

Good luck, Elisa.

PS. We (Martin and I) might not represent the archetypical Dane but I heard that not all Danes are crazy & gung-ho! LOL!