Thursday, October 12, 2006


Took a rest day today. Ran errands, phone calls to U.S. and Mexico, etc.

It was a pretty day, it would've been nice for riding, but my legs are sore for the first time in the whole trip (yeah, can you believe it? first time in over 6 months of cycling!), no doubt from the effort of trying to match Jesper's faster/stronger pedalling.

I can't figure out which route to take to the border: inland, or through the coast? Locals say "take the coast", but the map says that is twice as long. Still, if on the uphills I do 7 kms/hr, and at the coast I do 20, it would take less time through the coast and I would probably end up less tired...I don't know.

Also, should I cycle all the way to Kırklareli (in Turkey), or should I stop at Малко Търново (Malko Tarnovo), last town before the border, in Bulgaria? I don't know! My maps are not good and the people on the web who've cycled this before do not make things clear on their websites.

You know the algorithm's engineer default decision mechanism for these kinds of situations, right? :D. I'll probably end up just tossing a coin tomorrow morning right before departure....

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Anonymous said...

hi elisa,

this is weird, completely amazed by this, we each got photos at the same road sign (again), and this is in the middle of nowhere:-

compare:- my photo and your photo

now you're thinking i saw your photo on the internet, then tracked down the same road sign just to impress you.

ahhhha! my bike tour was before yours, so its the other way around.

or its just fate, we're soul mates in road sign sort of way ;)

kind regards